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Rebuilding: Family Life Following Divorce Chapter 14 Aftermath of Divorce:  Transitions 0. ______________ Family 1. Separate households that form after separation or divorce 0. Two subsystems 0. ______________  1. P______________ 1. Replace old patterns of interaction with new 2. Replace existing family boundaries with new ones Former Spouse Relationships 2. P______________  ______________  3. Divorced parents who remain friends 4. Children benefit from shared parenting and decision making 5. Sometimes maintain extended family relationships 3. C______________  C______________ 6. Not friends but able to cooperate 7. Work to keep conflicts at a minimum 8. Shared parenting becomes a priority 9. Will consult counselors to help children 4. A______________  ______________ 10. Anger is integral part of the relationship 11. Harbor feelings of resentment, bitterness 12. Children are caught in the middle of parents’ battles 13. Effective parenting is not a goal for these parents  5. F______________ ______________ 14. Incapable of cooperating 15. Relationship is marked by litigation 16. Unable to remember anything positive about the marriage 17. Blame each other for every problem associated with the marriage 6. D______________  ______________ 18. Break off any contact 19. One partner just disappears 20. Mother left with the burdens of reorganizing the family 21. In rare cases, non-custodial parent may kidnap children How Divorce Affects Children and Adolescents 1
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7. ______________ difficulties 8. Children may exhibit the following:  22. Aggressive misbehaviors  23. N______________   24. Disobedience  25. D______________   26. Increased absences from school 27. Increased a______________ 0. Internalizing Difficulties 1. Results in emotional problems such as: 0. W______________ 1. Feelings of unhappiness 2. A______________ 3. Depression 4. D______________ 5. Guilt 6. Poor ______________ 7. Less intimacy with parents 9.
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