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SMALL GROUP PERSUASIVE PRESENTATION Diversity Program Grant Point Value: 200 Points Length: 50 Minutes My Group’s Presentation Day: For this assignment, you will need to take everything you have learned this semester and apply it to this presentation. You will draw on your delivery skills, organizational abilities, reasoning and argumentation skills, critiquing skills, as well as your ability to interact and communicate effectively in small groups. This presentation will require some role-playing. The situation: Purdue’s College of Liberal Arts is sponsoring a $2,500 grant for undergraduate student groups. Funded by the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, the purpose of the grant is to encourage students to take initiative to improve campus life at Purdue. 1. The proposal should clearly improve an aspect of campus life. 2. The proposed plan, program, or event must be completed during the 2010- 2011 academic year. 3. The proposal should include a budget that does not exceed $2,500. You are part of a group that has an innovative and promising plan but lacks the funds necessary to complete it. Your group sees this grant as an opportunity to bring some of your ideas to the public forefront and actually make a difference here on campus. The Dean will be entertaining several proposals from other groups. Your group will essentially be competing for this grant against the other groups in your COM 114 section.
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