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429 SMALL GROUP PRESENTATION Individual Evaluation Form Name: _______________________________ Group: _______________________________ Individual Delivery (15 points): 1. ________ Used adequate and inclusive eye contact (extemporaneous delivery) 2. ________ Used effective vocal delivery (appropriate rate and volume, clear articulation, varied inflection, and no vocal fillers) 3. ________ Used effective physical delivery (posture, gestures, movement) 4. ________ Actively engaged during group presentation 5. Comments: Total points_________________ Individual Contribution to the Group Presentation (10 points): (This score is based on what your group members said you did in preparation for the presentation.) 1. Comments:
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Unformatted text preview: Total points__________________ Committee Member Responsibilities (10 points): 1. ________ Asked well-informed questions. 2. ________ Attentive during the presentation. 3. ________ Provided honest, thorough feedback on the group critique form. Total points__________________ Group Evaluation Questionnaire (5 points) Answered the questions thoroughly and completely. Total points__________________ Individual Score Total Project Score Individual Delivery ________ Individual Score ________ Individual Contribution ________ Group Score ________ Committee Member ________ Total Score ________ Group Questionnaire ________ Total ________ 6385-Assignments.qxp 6/16/09 11:31 AM Page 429...
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