ipp - 397 PERSUASIVE PRESENTATION Point Value 200 Length 5...

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Unformatted text preview: 397 PERSUASIVE PRESENTATION Point Value: 200 Length: 5 to 7 minutes My Presentation Date:______________ ASSIGNMENT OVERVIEW On this round, you will be asked to deliver a presentation on a question of fact, value or policy. It is important that you use the correct organizational pattern for your speech type. Check the class readings so that you can ensure that you use the appropriate one. The focus of this presentation is on making and evaluating arguments. Specifically, you’ll be expected to use examples, statistics, and expert testimony for supporting material, as well as weave these elements together in a way that provides complete and logical documentation and reasoning for the key ideas in your speech. You will need to demonstrate effective reasoning skills by using good solid arguments that are free from fallacies. You will also need to demonstrate proficiency at designing and utilizing a visual aid. Speech topic is always crucial in a persuasive presentation. You have a very short time frame to persuade your audience. Think about persuasion as a process; you simply cannot persuade the class to change their attitudes on controversial topics. It is simply not possible given the situational constraints of this assignment. Therefore, your goals for this presentation should be modest. You should seek to persuade your audience on local issues rather than global issues. Garnering support for the policies regarding printing in computer labs on campus is well suited for this assignment, while a speech about abortion, gun control, or gay marriage would not. Your topic must be approved by your instructor before you begin work on your presentation. Failure to receive prior approval may result in unnecessary work on your part. SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS 5 Time Limit: 5–7 minutes. If your speech does not meet the time criteria, you will be penalized ten points. 5 Base the speech on at least four sources of published research or material. This material must be current. All of these sources must be cited correctly within your presentation....
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ipp - 397 PERSUASIVE PRESENTATION Point Value 200 Length 5...

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