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lcsyllabus20100 - COM 114 Fundamentals of Speech...

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COM 114 Fundamentals of Speech Communication Fall 2010 "Having knowledge but lacking the power to clearly express it is no better than never having any ideas at all." -Pericles Text and Materials: 1. Morgan, M. & Natt, J.(2010). Effective presentations . New York: McGraw-Hill. (You must purchase a text with a code for access to the publisher’s website. Approximately 20% of the course grade will originate from this website and each student must have a unique code. All texts at the university bookstores and bookstores around campus have the text with the codes included.) 2. Index Cards 3. Any other materials required by individual instructor (folders, envelopes, etc.) Course Objectives: This course will require you to prepare and deliver a number of presentations. Most of your grade will be based on these speeches. Additionally, you will take a series of in class quizzes and participate in class as your instructor directs. This syllabus will explain the nature, importance, and purpose of these assignments, the course policies and procedures, and our expectations of students in the course. 1. You should be able to effectively perform the role of the public speaker. Toward this end, you will learn principles of communication theory and how to apply those principles to the management of speaking situations both individually and in group presentations. 2. As a result of classroom learning and speaking experience, you will be expected to demonstrate knowledge and skill in the following areas: Audience analysis Topic analysis Organizational skills Persuasive and informative strategies Verbal and non-verbal delivery skills Group Communication Skills 3. When making a presentation, you should be able to: select an appropriate topic prepare a full sentence outline with bibliography provide appropriate transitions and summaries
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develop effective introductions and conclusions use an appropriate organizational pattern use supporting material properly and effectively create effective presentational aids use presentational aids effectively display appropriate verbal and nonverbal behaviors The assignments in this class are designed to achieve these goals. Textbook readings, class lectures, in class activities, and presentations will not only provide you with information about major concepts, but will also allow you the opportunity to experience the concepts. Therefore, your attendance and participation in class are of utmost importance. Course Standards and Philosophy 1. Students will be held to a high standard of performance in all sections. To receive an "A" in this course, your presentations must be significantly better than that which passes for acceptable work. More precisely, an "A" speech is one that shows originality, careful research, tight reasoning, well thought out persuasive appeals, and skillful delivery. Additionally, "A" speeches will deal with non- trivial subject matter, and will constitute a genuine contribution to the knowledge and beliefs of the audience. Do not assume that you can do simply what is
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lcsyllabus20100 - COM 114 Fundamentals of Speech...

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