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Fall 2010 Course Time: T/TH 3:00 – 4:15 pm – Math Bldg, Room 175 INSTRUCTOR: Maura Schaffer, IDEC OFFICE: PAO2197 OFFICE HOURS: TTh 4:15-5:00 OFFICE PHONE: 494-0037 e-mail: [email protected] No calls to my home, please. COURSE DESCRIPTION : Introductory survey of interior spaces and their impact upon physical, social, psychological and aesthetic needs of people. Critical evaluation of concepts in the interior design profession and related fields. COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1. To develop sensitivity to the concept that well-designed environments are products of a design process that encompasses both functionality and aesthetics. 2. To understand how interior environments can influence human behavior. 3. To understand the sociological, psychological, physiological and economic aspects relating to the design of interiors. 4. To develop the ability to apply basic design principles in residential and commercial interior environments. 5. To recognize the necessity for technical knowledge in designing residential and commercial interiors and to become familiar with the terminology of the profession. 6. To develop an appreciation for evaluating the materials and products used in interiors for their durability, economy, and aesthetic value. REQUIRED TEXT : Designing Interiors by Rosemary & W. Otie Kilmer. New York: Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 1992 COURSE REQUIREMENTS: 1. Tests 1 through 4 will be worth 100 points each and will be objective type tests and computer graded. They will cover both lectures and reading material. You are held responsible for assigned readings whether discussed in class or not. NO MAKE-UP EXAMS WILL BE GIVEN . Please note that exams are not scheduled for an exact date, but during a given week. The exact date will be announced in class at least a week prior to the exam date. 2. Outside Class Assignments: There will be a few graded “creative” exercises (no more than 3). These will be discussed at an early class meeting in the semester, and examples shown of past projects. 3. Pop Quizzes: Pop quizzes will be given unannounced during the semester and cannot be made up if you are absent. The material will generally be over the last class meeting’s material. You will be given credit for correct answers and for being in attendance that day. ASSIGNMENT DEADLINES:
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AD125 Syllabus2010 - 1 Fall 2010 Course Time A&D 125...

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