Quiz 1 Fall 09

Quiz 1 Fall 09 - c .Dorothy Draper d. Louise Macy 3. To...

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A&D 125: INTRODUCTION TO INTERIOR DESIGN – Quiz #1 INSTRUCTIONS: *Fill in your name, section number 0001, and Student ID and the corresponding bubbles. *Sign, add course AD 125, and date. *Record all answers on the computer answer sheet with a # 2 lead pencil.
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MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. ________ spaces serve as a common link to other spaces - such as a vestibule between the exterior of a building and its lobby. a. enveloped b. juxtaposed c. transitional d. bilinear 2. In 1900, the person who proclaimed herself the first interior decorator was _________. a. Elsie de Wolfe b. Julia Morgan
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Unformatted text preview: c .Dorothy Draper d. Louise Macy 3. To date, the largest professional society of interior designers is the ____. a. A.I.A. b. N.C.I.D.Q. c. A.S.I.D. d. I.A.I.D. e. A.S.C.E. 4. ________ can be thought of as organized movement, regular intervals, or recurrence, such as the pattern of a heartbeat or of water dripping from a faucet. a. balance b. rhythm c. emphasis d. proportion e. scale TRUE & FALSE: 5. _____ In discussing positive/negative space, negative space refers to the area(s) filled in or occupied by mass , forms or objects. A = True B= False...
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Quiz 1 Fall 09 - c .Dorothy Draper d. Louise Macy 3. To...

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