Quiz 2 Fall 09

Quiz 2 Fall 09 - c.Mies van der Rohe d Walter Gropius 3 The...

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A&D 125: INTRODUCTION TO INTERIOR DESIGN – Quiz #2 INSTRUCTIONS: *Fill in your name, section number 0001, and Student ID and the corresponding bubbles. *Sign, add course AD 125, and date. *Record all answers on the computer answer sheet with a # 2 lead pencil.
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MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. The _________ style in the 1920's and 1930's utilized aluminum, shiny metals, contrasting patterns, zigzags, lighting bolt motifs, and sunburst designs. a. International b. de Stijl c. Art Deco d. High Tech e. Art Nouveau 1. Who designed the German Pavilion for the International Exposition in Barcelona, Spain in 1929? a. Louis Sullivan b. Frank L Wright
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Unformatted text preview: c.Mies van der Rohe d. Walter Gropius 3. The curve of legs on chairs in the French Rococo style are referred to as ____________. a. lion feet b. cabriole c. splayed d. savannarola e. cantilevered TRUE & FALSE: 4. _____Architect, Frank L Wright coined the phrase “less is a bore” to contrast modernist style and the phrase of “less is more” by the renowned architect Louis Sullivan. A = True B= False 5. a. Spanish Varqueno b. French Empire (Bergere Chair) c. Italian Renaissance (Savannarola) d. English (Tudor Chair) IDENTIFICATION: Identify the furniture style with the correct period....
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Quiz 2 Fall 09 - c.Mies van der Rohe d Walter Gropius 3 The...

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