Quiz 3 Fall 09

Quiz 3 Fall 09 - written and/or graphic document that in...

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A&D 125: INTRODUCTION TO INTERIOR DESIGN – Quiz #3 INSTRUCTIONS: *Fill in your name, section number 0001, and Student ID and the corresponding bubbles. *Sign, add course AD 125, and date. *Record all answers on the computer answer sheet with a # 2 lead pencil.
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MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. The study of man in relation to his working environment and the adaptation of machines to fit the individual, so that he may work to maximum efficiency is called _____. a. anthropometrics b. ergonomics c. proxemics d. personal distance 2. The first step in the 8 step design process, as discussed in class and your textbook, is the ______ step. a. state b. analyze c. commit d. implement e. collect 3. A _____ is an effective tool that finds, organizes, selects, and sets goals into a
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Unformatted text preview: written and/or graphic document that in turn will be used by a designer to create floor plans. a. appendix b. program c. matrix d. survey e. questionnaire 4. In the IDEATE stage of the Design Process, a technique for Ideation involving a group activity that attempts to make the unfamiliar look familiar and the familiar appear unfamiliar is called __________. a. Buzz Session b. Role-Playing c. Sketching d. Synetics e. Brainstorming 5. When considering user needs within a program, the designer must examine _____ needs, which are physical in nature and relate to human and body requirements. a. contextual b. economic c. physiological d. psychological e. sociological...
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Quiz 3 Fall 09 - written and/or graphic document that in...

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