Quiz 6 Fall 09

Quiz 6 Fall 09 - c solution dyeing d block dyeing MATCHING...

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A&D 125: INTRODUCTION TO INTERIOR DESIGN – Quiz #6 INSTRUCTIONS: *Fill in your name, section number 0001, and Student ID and the corresponding bubbles. *Sign, add course AD 125, and date. *Record all answers on the computer answer sheet with a # 2 lead pencil.
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MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. A type of safety glass that has a plasticized layer between the glass to lessen the chance of the glass fragmenting during an accidental break is the ____ glass. a. Wire b. laminated c. annealed d. tempered e. float 2. What method of dyeing fibers was compared to an “orange or carrot” in class – color is consistent all the way through the fiber? a. fiber or stock dyeing b. piece dyeing
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Unformatted text preview: c. solution dyeing d. block dyeing MATCHING: Carpet Construction a. Needlepunched b. Tufted c. Handmade d. Woven e. Flocked _____ 3. Made on large multi-needled machines. The yarn is stitched through a preconstructed backing to form a loop. This is the most inexpensive, common and rapid rug-making process. MATCHING: Carpet Fiber _____ 4. Most like wool in appearance and feel, very resilient and resistant to abrasion and soiling. Ranks second to nylon in quantity production. a. Wool b. Nylon c. Acrylic d. Polyester e. Polypropylene IDENTIFICATION: Window Styles a. double-hung b. casement c. sliding d. jalousie e. awning 5.____...
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Quiz 6 Fall 09 - c solution dyeing d block dyeing MATCHING...

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