Explaining Information Topic Suggestions

Explaining Information Topic Suggestions - • Explain how...

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Explaining Information Topic Suggestions How blue screens work How acoustic guitars work How electric guitars work How a microwave works How Amber Alerts work How the respiratory system works How the circulatory system works How memory works How hangovers work How caffeine works How baby monitors work How interest rates work How 401Ks work How the stock market works How tsunamis work How cancer works How chemotherapy works How e-mail works Explain the butterfly effect Explain attachment theory Explain how IQ tests work Explain how a pacemaker works Explain how shock therapy works
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Explain how antidepressants work
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Unformatted text preview: • Explain how a cochlear implant works • Explain how Lasik surgery works • Explain how a gasrtic bypass works • Refute that eating sugar causes hyperactivity • Refute that shaving causes hair to grow back thicker • Refute that reading in the dark will ruin your eyes • Refute that eating after 8:00 causes weight gain • Refute that prolonged exposure to cold can make you sick. • Explain how botox works. • Explain how laser printers work • Explain how internet search engines work • Explain how TiVo works • Explain how a flat tax system works...
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Explaining Information Topic Suggestions - • Explain how...

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