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Haiti - Rashel Izro Class of 10 Leon M Goldstien Humanity...

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Rashel Izro Class of ’10 Leon M Goldstien Humanity on the Cusp of Dusk Off the coast of the America’s sits the ex-French protectorate Republic of Haiti and shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic. Recently, January twelfth 2010 to be exact, this small but densely populated country experienced a 7.3- magnitude earthquake. The epicenter was Port-Au-Prince, largest city in the vicinity, on top of being the Haitian capital. The destruction the ensued is irrevocable and has brought about more death and destruction to the locals and visitors than any other national disaster to hit this hemisphere since the tidal wave in Thailand. In fact, Haiti was, to begin with, in worse economic shape before the crisis. Right now, despite all that is going to help these people, it is nothing in comparison with what could be done. To add to the pandemonium, the world powers, especially those of Venezuela and the United States have made this site an additional political platform upon which to argue.
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