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Alice Walker - Rashel Izro Alice Walkers Beauty When the...

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Rashel Izro Alice Walker’s Beauty: When the Other Dancer is The Self Alice Walker gave a look into her self by describing a few anecdotes from her life that defined her personality and its development. When she was eight, her brother accidentally shot her in the eye with a BB gun. This “accident” affected her negatively at first but after several years passed it also brought her a new understanding of herself. Moreover, aside from overcoming her ‘deformity’, her point of view on ‘beauty’ and herself improved. She became more in touch with a higher sense of self and how others saw beauty in her. Before the loss of her right eyesight the author characterized herself in the following passage “Naturally I say my speech without stammer or pause, unlike those who stutter, stammer, or, worst of all, forget. This is before the word, ‘beautiful’, exists in peoples’ vocabulary, but “Oh, isn’t she the cutest thing!” frequently floats my way. “And she’s got so much sense!” they gratefully add…for which thoughtful addition I thank
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