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CCessay - Rashel Izro Professor O'Niel ENGL 120 Section 124...

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Rashel Izro Professor O'Niel ENGL 120 Section 124 16 September 2010 Accepting that it’s my fault Luckily, in my life nothing is ever as bad as it seems but, that doesn’t mean it’s good either. A good friend told me something like that once; and when I was diagnosed with cancer, a series of events occurred that taught me what that sentence means to me. After so much time hearing about cancer on television I had become desensitized. Sadly I am still this way and whereas before caring was something I naturally did or did not do, I now seek to belittle what bothers me. The week of my first operation was also when the nightmarish Advance Placement examinations began, being only the beginning of a trial that would alter my behavior from the core. Ever since birth I was a calm but careless child who was aptly described as “always sick”. The fact of the matter was that my physical height, girth, and Happy-go luck attitude camouflaged how vulnerable my immune system is. Yet, I spent hours in the sun, skipped over pills and hid every sniffle I could. One time not too long from the doctor’s visit, when my parents and I went on vacation to a sunny Mexican resort I was laying sprawled out on a lounge chair and reading when I felt a burning itch on my back. I scratched and turned over but it persisted and spread throughout my body. Seeing me
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  • Headache, Temporomandibular joint, Temporomandibular joint disorder, Professor O'Niel ENGL, nightmarish Advance Placement

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