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Izro Rashel Izro Professor O’Neil English 120 section124 10 November 2010 Being Above Other’s Hatred Scientists having done a study determined that most people’s personalities are solidified at the age of 7. (UFO) This is hard to believe and may very well be true but in my life, I made a profound decision that affected my thinking for the rest of my life when I was edging the age of ten. Since I was six, being an outcast was normal for me. I entered Pre-K speaking exclusively Russian with an ear for polish dialects and an unusually deep voice. Being almost four foot three, wide framed, and at least thirty pounds over weight by the time I was seven made me a giant, even amongst first graders. On top of this my health often failed me, as such I spent a minimum of one third of that year in hospitals and doctor’s offices. Every one’s eyes gawked at me and teachers fumbled over the language barrier. Upon realizing that I was vastly different, all I could hope for was to be invisible, which was quite impossible. Two years passed. Despite the fact that my English was profoundly better than most kids my age, any accent had all but faded, and I was as peaceful as a summer day. I was still chubby, continued to tower over my peers, and everyone looked with contempt at my accolades in class. Furthermore, I had developed many cat calls, least hurtful of which were “Teacher’s Pet” and “Rupanzel” The shouts included “ugly blimp”, and intensified as new insults were learned. The kids grew suspicious of the quiet cool demeanor I developed. The worst thing, apparently, was to be someone who spent much 1
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Izro of their time neither smiling nor crying, and was capable of holding a calm and steady conversation with an adult. The kids’ curiosity presented itself, for some inane reason, by deciding to invoke an emotion though brutality. Evidently, forcing a reaction through periods of taunting and physical battering brought delicious results to those who approached me. I would come home some days with a bruise, dried tears, and/or no will to do
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intellectual autobio1 - Izro Rashel Izro Professor ONeil...

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