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heatandtempprint this one - Abstract In this Lab our prime...

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Abstract In this Lab our prime objective was to observe enthalpy as heat increased in a liquid. We heated mineral oil and water to observe the effect of their different compositions, as well as varied the amount of each substance and noticed that Oil, having weaker intermolecular forces, got hotter quicker. By seeing these results it is seen that mineral oil has a higher enthalpy and resistance to heat than water, it heated up quicker. Introduction In the process of doing the following experiment, my partner and I observe heat and enthalpy, for it is different from temperature. Heat is defined as the energy transferred from one body or thermodynamic system to another due to thermal contact over time; and temperature is a measure of coldness or hotness, relatively. In order understand this pertinent difference, my partner and I observed how both time and volume affect the amount of heat absorbed in mineral oil, as well as in water; additionally, looking at temperature differences at each state. Correctly treating these distinct parts of thermodynamics is important, not simply because the scientific world has specific nomenclature. But in seeing this difference we can comprehend and manipulate the laws of nature properly. Heat increases, means that there has been more energy being transferred, as this energy increases the receiving object gains the energy and when it starts releasing it, it feels hot. Nonetheless, we measure enthalpy of objects in chemistry because different substances have different qualities. Knowing this it becomes further necessary to display how very different substances behave in the same conditions. Procedure
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heatandtempprint this one - Abstract In this Lab our prime...

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