Asst01f090 - AGEC 217 Assignment 1 Due 8/28/09 Name

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Unformatted text preview: AGEC 217 Assignment 1 Due 8/28/09 Name _______________________________________________________________________________ (Write your complete name in block letters. If we can’t read it you get no credit—no debate!) 1. Jacob has been dating Jessica for several months and she is warm, pretty, quiet and fun to be around. He recently met Elizabeth as a teammate on a class project. She is bright, outgoing, a stimulating thinker, and exciting to be around. Elizabeth and Jessica met one evening and there is little love lost between the two. They didn’t get along. Sarah, Jacob’s next door neighbor at home, and her family invited a Spanish exchange student, Eliana, to live with them this year and Jacob just met her. She is spectacularly beautiful, seemed smitten with him and she certainly needs someone to help her learn about America and develop her English skills. Jacob is a long way from thinking about getting married, but an important part of his life is the person he is dating. From his long-term personal and professional growth would he be farther ahead dating, Jessica, Elizabeth, or Eliana. He has dated enough to know that he must choose one; he can’t keep several on the string. Which one would probably be best for him this next year? Explain which you think Jacob should choose and what will it cost him. As a part of your answer define opportunity cost and show clearly that you understand the concept as it is applied to Jacob’s dilemma. (A general statement will be of little value. You must be specific to earn credit.) _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________...
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Asst01f090 - AGEC 217 Assignment 1 Due 8/28/09 Name

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