Diversity%20Consciousness4 - Chapter5 LearningObjectives

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Diversity Consciousness  Chapter 5 C ommunicating in a Diverse World Learning Objectives Communication and culture interrelate. Discuss effects of electronic communication. Relationship between diversity consciousness and communication. Examples of barriers to effective communication. Examples of “hot buttons.” Strategies for communicating inclusively. Communication/Culture Culture  is reflected in the way we  communicate  and the way we  communicate  shapes our  culture Does Communication Matter? Think of the last time you: Heard a dynamic and charismatic speaker?    Had an extremely difficult time communicating with someone who is very close to  you?    Were part of a team whose members could not communicate very well? Felt hurt by what a teacher, relative, or supervisor said.   THE POWER OF LANGUAGE Communication and Culture Communication Verbal Intercultural communication Sign language Non-verbal (powerful) Symbols Culturally specific Gestures Communication and Culture Communication Styles and Gender Linguistic diversity Bilingual, multilingual
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  • Romance languages, diversity consciousness, Communication and Culture Communication Verbal Intercultural communication Sign, Communication Electronic Communication, Culture Communication Verbal

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Diversity%20Consciousness4 - Chapter5 LearningObjectives

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