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LA 326 Community Planning Date Description Assignment Lecture Assignment Studio Due Date 1/13/10 Introduction - My Home Town Golden Foundry Site 1/15/10 Quality of life 1/20/10 Cast of Characters 1/22/10 Community Makeup 1/27/10 Government Structure Golden Foundry Site 1/27/10 1/29/10 Government Process My Home Town My Home Town Presentations 1/29/10 2/3/10 Infrastructure 2/5/10 Infrastructure 2/10/10 Economic Development 2/12/10 Economic Development Planning Type 2/17/10 Components Planning Type 2/19/10 Housing Planning Type 2/24/10 Schools Planning Type 2/26/10 Parks Planning Type 3/3/10 Commercial Planning Type 3/5/10 Industrial Planning Type Golden Foundry Site / presentations 3/5/10 3/10/10 Urban
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Unformatted text preview: Planning Type Walesboro Site 3/12/10 Suburban Planning Type 3/17/10 SPRING BREAK 3/19/10 SPRING BREAK 3/24/10 Mixed Use Planning Type 3/26/10 Coastal Planning Type 3/31/10 Mountain Planning Type 4/2/10 Central Business Planning Type 4/7/10 Planning Process Planning Type 4/9/10 Rural Planning Type 4/14/10 Small City Planning Type 4/16/10 Medium City Planning Type 4/21/10 Metropolitan Areas Planning Type Walesboro Site / Presentations 4/21/10 4/23/10 Consensus Building Planning Type Walesboro Site / Presentations 4/28/10 Regional Planning Type Walesboro Site / Presentations 4/30/10 Columbus Tour...
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