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% Component Sophisticated Competent Not yet competent 5 Organization 5 Style 5 Communication Aids 25 Depth of Content 10 Work Process 5 Responsiveness to Audience 10 Current Information 10 Writing 25 Presentation is clear, logical, and organized. Listener/reader can follow line of reasoning (5) Presentation is generally clear and well- organized. A few minor points may be confusing. (4) Listener/reader can follow presentation only with effort. Some arguments are not clear. Organization seems haphazard. (3) Level of presentation is appropriate for the audience. Presentation is a planned conversation, paced for audience understanding. It is not a reading of a paper. Speaker is clearly comfortable in front of the group and can be heard by all. (5) Level of presentation is generally appropriate. Pacing is sometimes too fast or too slow. The presenter seems slightly uncomfortable at times, and occasionally the audience has trouble hearing him/her. (4) Aspects of the presentation are too elementary or too sophisticated for the audience. Presenter seems uncomfortable and can be heard only if listener is attentive. Much of the information is read. (3)
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