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Elevator Speech Rubric – Guidelines for developing your own elevator speech Expert in a box Elevator speeches get their name because they are the speech you would give if you suddenly found yourself in an elevator with your hottest prospect – and you had 90 seconds to explain why they should be interested before the elevator door opens and they get out. They should therefore be your most powerful, persuasive and concise sales pitch. You should prepare an elevator speech for anything you want to sell to somebody else (including your products, your ideas, or even you yourself). And everyone involved should know and understand the elevator speech. Partly because it summarizes everything that is important. And partly because selling opportunities crop up in the least likely places – including elevators – and everybody should be prepared for them. Once written your elevator speech can also be used as the basis for all your sales and marketing materials – including sales presentations, direct mail, and brochures. After all,
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