syllabus - LA 326Syllabus - Spring - 11 Page 1 Syllabus LA...

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Unformatted text preview: LA 326Syllabus - Spring - 11 Page 1 Syllabus LA 326 Landscape Architecture Design IV Community Planning, Spring 2011 Wednesdays and Fridays Lecture 1:30 - 2:20 PM Studio 2:30 6:20 PM Contact Information Professor: C. Edward Curtin, FASLA Email: or via Blackboard or Vmail: 812-447-0826 Office Hours: By Appointment Official Course Description LA 326 Landscape Architecture Design IV Community Planning (5 cr.) Businesses operate in an increasingly interdependent and dynamic environment. Many actions of firms and governmental agencies have major impacts on society as a whole, as well as on specific stakeholders. Corporate and government actions are increasingly subject to media, public and government scrutiny. The nature of community planning and how that planning is implemented and how it impacts its major constituencies is the focus of the course. The ethical, political, economic, social, and technological considerations of various decisions are investigated. The role of ethical and responsible design and leadership and how that relates to community design will be a major theme of this course Additional Course Description Additionally, this course is focused on helping learners develop an understanding of value-added landscape architecture processes. The course will look at the role of the landscape architects as the primary organizational change agent. This is an interactive class in which members of the class serve as resources to each other and are responsible for identification, preparation and presentation of core content. Required Texts and Resources Supplementary readings will be assigned and distributed throughout the course. Blackboard Blackboard technology will be used for communication, course work, and assessment. LA 326Syllabus - Spring - 11 Page 2 Assessment of Student Performance Preparation, Participation, and Application (including in-class activities, guest speaker responses, and a self-assessment of professionalism and participation) 600 total points Golden Foundry Site Plan and Presentation. 400 total points Walesboro Site Plan and Presentation... 600 total points Home town Presentation 200 total points Planning type Presentation 200 total points Extra Credit.. 200 total points Total.2000 total points Letter grades, including pluses and minuses, will be assigned using the Purdue standard scale: A+ B+ 88 89 C+ 78 79 D+ 68 69 A 93 100 B 83 87 C 73 77 D 63 67 A- 90 92 B- 80 82 C- 70 72 D- 60 62 F 59 and below Note: All performance assessments will be made based on judging individual / team work...
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syllabus - LA 326Syllabus - Spring - 11 Page 1 Syllabus LA...

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