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Date : Jan. 19, 2010 Re : LA 117 – Graphics Analysis Report Due : February 2, 2010 (at the beginning of lecture) Format : Submit PowerPoint Presentation on a dvd/cd with your name, date, assignment title (Graphics Analysis Report), and Lab Section (1 or 2). A backup copy should also be uploaded to your folder. Goal/Objective : The purpose of this exercise is to get students to observe and understand graphics as landscape architects use them. Point Value : 50 points Overview: This assignment entails the review of landscape graphics. Graphic examples can be found using the Internet. A good place to start is the site. Click on the Firm Finder button and search for “all” firms. Farm firm websites for graphic examples and copy the images for reference use in the PowerPoint presentation (we don’t have to worry about copyright infringements since this is for personal/educational purposes).
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Unformatted text preview: PowerPoint is a powerful tool, have fun with it. Find examples of the following (incorporate into your PowerPoint Presentation): 1. Plan View Graphics (B&W, and Color examples/2 of each) 2. Section and Elevation Graphics (2 of each) 3. Planting, Construction, and Site Planning Graphics (2 of each). 4. 3D Examples created using software such as InDesign, Photoshop, Vectorworks, Sketchup, LandFX, Dynascape, Pool Studio, etc. (2 – 3D examples) The analysis should include discussion of line types, color, composition, contrast, texture, etc. . Discuss what graphics you like or dislike and why. Are the graphics easy for the “average person” to understand? Do the graphics accurately convey the intent of the design? The PowerPoint presentation should have a title page and header pages....
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