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la 117 syllaus - LA 117 Spring Semester 2010 COURSE...

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LA 117 – Spring Semester 2010 COURSE SYLLABUS LA 117 - Computer Technology in Design (with an emphasis on AutoCAD) Spring Semester 2010 - 3 credit hours I. COURSE OBJECTIVES: To provide the student with an appreciation of the capabilities and limitations of the AutoCAD program and an examination of other graphic software packages, (i.e. Land F/X, Dynascape, MColor, Sketchup, Pool Studio, VizTerra, VectorWorks, Briscad, Photoshop, etc.) utilized by practicing landscape architects and designers. Course topics include basic AutoCAD commands and functions as well as practical applications that assist landscape architects to synthesize information between the client, and other consultants such as architects and civil engineers. Properly integrating design concepts and ideas using current and emerging technologies will be discussed. Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Earth and the role of other support software will be examined. II. TEXTS: A. Beginning AutoCAD 2009 Exercise Workbook – by Cheryl Shrock ISBN 9780831134044 B. – by Ellen Finkelstein III. REQUIRED SUPPLIES: Flash Drive to backup work. IV. COURSE SCHEDULE Lectures: Tuesdays Both Lab Sections 8:30 – 9:20 Food Science 1195 Lab: Tuesdays & Thursdays Lab Section 1 9:30 – 11:20 Hort 202 Lab Section 2 11:30 – 1:30 Hort 202 Office Hours: By appointment. V. COURSE INSTRUCTOR: Daniel T. Donohue RLA – Guest Instructor Office: Room 204 Horticulture Building (Temporary) ph. 765/49-41293 Email: [email protected] Secretary: Jane Slipher HORT 207A ph. 765/49-41293
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LA 117 – Spring Semester 2010 VI. GUIDELINES The majority of your work for this class will be done on the computer. Proper measures should be taken to safeguard and backup project work (on and off-site). Students will not be excused for work that is late because of technical difficulties. Please consult with the Instructor if there are extenuating circumstances. Students are responsible for getting the information (handouts and lecture notes, assignments) from any day that you miss. Class participation, professionalism and attendance all affect your final grade. Cell phones, texting, surfing the Internet are not allowed in professional settings or the classroom. Work submitted one class session late will be penalized 10%; late work submitted two class sessions late will be penalized by 20%. Late work more than two class sessions late will not be accepted. Exceptions will be considered for extenuating circumstances by the instructor. Academic Honesty: All drawings and work submitted in this course must be completed by each student. Sharing of files is not permitted. Individual achievement and success is based on individual effort. Students with disabilities must be registered with the Adaptive Programs in the Office of the Dean of
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la 117 syllaus - LA 117 Spring Semester 2010 COURSE...

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