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geranium - BTNY 210 Spring 2010 Geranium Pet Plant Project...

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BTNY 210 – Spring 2010 Geranium Pet Plant Project This project consists of 2 parts. Part #1 involves weekly exercises regarding geranium. For these weekly exercises you will have a guide sheet to direct your research of geranium. These guide sheets will allow you to record your observations, findings and/or drawings. Each guide sheet will deal with topics covered during that week’s laboratory. The guide sheets are for your purposes only and should not be turned-in as part of the lab. Some weeks you will use materials in lab to complete your guide sheet while other weeks you may be asked to do some web research or answer some questions on a lab-related topic. Over the duration of the semester you will amass a number of these guide sheets for most topics covered in this course. Near the end of the semester you will use your guide sheets to write a brief, but concise report about geranium. This written report is required for EVERYONE taking BTNY 210.
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