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INTRODUCTION TO PLANT SCIENCE BTNY 210, Spring 2010 SYLLABUS and CLASS SCHEDULE PROFESSOR: Dr. Ron Coolbaugh OFFICE: Whistler B022 OFFICE HOURS: Drop-in or make an appointment PHONE: 494-9902 E-mail: MAILBOX: See receptionist in Lilly 1-446 LABORATORY COORDINATOR: Mr. John Cavaletto OFFICE: LSPS 115 PHONE: 494-6474 E-MAIL: TEACHING ASSISTANTS Ms. Molly Baughman E-MAIL: Mr. Craig Chluttenhofer E-MAIL: Ms. Anna Hasan E-MAIL: Ms. Carla Harper E-MAIL: Mr. Nathan Hood E-MAIL: Ms. Ellen Knapke E-MAIL: Ms. Sheryl Walker E-MAIL: LECTURE: M W F at 11:30 AM to 12:20 PM in or SMTH 108 M W F at 3:30 PM to 4:20 PM in KRAN G-016 LAB: in Lilly 1-135 Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 9:30 AM, 11:30 AM, and 1:30 PM Thursday also at 3:30 Blackboard WEB SITE : BOILERCAST: TEXTBOOK: Plant Biology 2 nd Edition, c2006 , (L. Graham, J. Graham, and L. Wilcox.) The textbook is required for this course.
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2 LAB EXERCISES: Each week you will be responsible for bringing a copy of that week’s lab exercise to class. You will be expected to do the exercise as instructed and hand in that completed exercise at the end of the lab period. Exercises may be printed from the Blackboard course file for BTNY 210 ( ). The lab exercises and all online documents for this course are PDF files. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files. You can download it from the internet. Acrobat Reader should already be pre-installed on all ITaP computers. LECTURE NOTES AND TAPES: Lecture notes are incomplete and may be useful for taking notes. They may be downloaded and printed from the Blackboard course file for BTNY 210 ( ). Some additional materials may be distributed during class. All lectures from the 10:30 section will be recorded and available at: . ATTENDANCE: Class and laboratory attendance is expected. Less than full participation in the course is generally reflected in lower quiz, exam and laboratory scores. If you miss a class meeting for any reason, you will be held responsible for all material covered and announcements made in your absence. QUIZZES: There will be a minimum of nine quizzes during lecture. Quizzes will most often be unannounced. They will cover the material since the last quiz or exam. The lowest quiz grade will be dropped. If you miss one quiz, this grade will be dropped. There are no make-up quizzes. Leaving lecture early after a quiz without prior permission can lead to forfeiture of the quiz score. HOUR EXAMS:
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