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Juliana Grisales V. April 27, 2009 History1301 Paper Option # 3- Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Harriet Jacobs and Voices of Freedom by Eric Foner. “These God- Breathing machines are no more, in the sight of their masters, than the plant, or the horses hey tend” (Jacobs, 11). In the times when America, a “civilized country”, was still developing economically and politically; “the superior race”, the whites, completely subjugated “the inferior race”, the Negro race- slaves. Black people were considered property; therefore, they did not have any rights or liberties. Nevertheless, Black people were aware that they deserved to have the same rights as white people had. “The slave who dared to feel like a man” (Jacobs, 17). Slaves always kept their desire for freedom; therefore, some slaves tried to gain power for themselves and to exercise control over their lives by attempting to runaway, rebelling to their masters, and trying to buy their own freedom. Unfortunately, most of them did not have any luck, “I saw a runaway slave led through the streets in chains to jail, pale, yet full of determination” (Jacobs, 21). However, other slaves were successful on running away to the northern states or to Canada. “No one knows how many slaves succeeded in escaping….a rough estimate would be around 1,000 per year” (Foner, 229). The future of blacks was curse by slavery and slave women had fewer opportunities of escaping from this cursed life. “If God has bestowed beauty upon her,
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it will prove her greatest curse” (Jacobs, 27). Slaves were not considered American citizens; they were considered property that belonged to American citizens. Therefore, slaves were shut off from their rights and liberties that other Americans enjoyed. Slaves were entirely unprotected by law or custom. “My master had power and law on his side” (Jacobs, 73). Slaves cold testify against white
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Juli Slaves - J uliana Grisales V H istory1301 Paper Option...

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