M28expressedemotion - immigrants and Muslims III The expression of anger is more encouraged in cultures that do not promote group behavior than in

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MODULE 28: EXPRESSED EMOTION EXPRESSED EMOTION I. Emotions are expressed on the face, by the body, and by vocal intonation. a. Is this nonverbal language of emotion universal? b. People more speedily detect an angry face than a happy one c. Ekman found that expressions are universally understood d. Even infants apparently show naturally occurring emotions\ II. Emotions are adaptive a. Darwin speculated that our ancestors communicated with facial expressions in the absence of language. b. Nonverbal facial expressions led to our ancestor’s survival CULTURAL AND GENDER DIFFERENCES I. I. Boys respond to anger by moving away from that situation, while girls talk to their friends or listen to music. II. Anger breeds prejudice. The 9/11 attacks led to an intolerance towards
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Unformatted text preview: immigrants and Muslims. III. The expression of anger is more encouraged in cultures that do not promote group behavior than in cultures that do promote group behavior. EXPERIENCED EMOTION I. Subjective well-being a. Subjective well-being is the self-perceived feeling of happiness or satisfaction with life. b. Research on new positive psychology is on the rise. II. Adaptation-level principle a. Happiness is relative to our prior experience b. We compare events to our recent level of experience III. Relative-deprivation principle a. Happiness (and disappointment) is relative to other’s attainments b. We compare our situation to that of others IV. Happiness and satisfaction V. Predictors of happiness...
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