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BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES  102  – ANIMAL BIOLOGY REVIEW SHEET FOR FINAL EXAM –  CUMULATIVE QUESTIONS 30  POINTS OF THE FINAL EXAM WILL CONSIST OF QUESTIONS CHOSEN FROM THIS LIST Note  that  for some  of these  questions  there  is  more  than  one  correct  answer  and  many   different  answers  from  different  perspectives  may  receive  full credit. 1. Describe  how  evolution  drives  genetic  changes  that  lead  to the  evolution  of new  animal   species.   Your  answer  MUST include  aspects  of molecular  biology (DNA, protein   synthesis,  mutation,  etc.), genetics,  evolutionary  biology and  population   genetics/speciation.   2. Draw  a basic  evolutionary  tree  or cladogram  to show  the  emergence  and  evolution  of  the  major  animal  phyla  we studied  in class  (similar  to the  inside  cover  of your  text).  There  MUST be at  least  one  differentiating  characteristics  indicated  to separate  the  
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Unformatted text preview: major animal phyla. You need only show PHYLA and no other taxa. 3. Briefly describe the migration pattern of one animal species or a group of animal species between two different specific biomes. Describe the physical characteristics (including temperature and rainfall amount), plant life and general animal life found in each of the two different specific biomes. 4. Describe how the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and muscular systems are interdependent on one another in an individual animal. Cite specific examples of how each system is dependent on the other systems. You may use bullet points to simplify your answers for this question....
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