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GEOL 101—501-509 Quiz #1 Form A Marcantonio Spring 2007 Name _________________________________ 1) What is the current best idea used to explain the mechanism for tectonic plate motion? 6) In the early part of the 20th century, __________ argued forcefully for continental drift. A) Moon and Sun’s gravitation has shifted the Earth’s crust. A) Karl Wagner B) Thermal convection theory for the Earth’s mantle. B) Peter Rommel C) The Earth is currently expanding (growing). C) Alfred Wegener D) The Earth is currently contracting (shrinking). D) Bill Kohl 2) __________ , a popular natural philosophy of the 17th and early 18th centuries, was based on a firm belief in a very short geologic history for Earth. 7) The former, late Paleozoic super continent is known as __________ . A) Ecospherism A) Pandomonia B) Exoschism B) Pancakea C) Uniformitarianism C) Pangaea D) Catastrophism D) Panatopia 3) The __________ proposes that the bodies of our solar system formed at essentially the same time from
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