me208f10hw2 - km/h At the instant when θ = 30° the actual...

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ME 208 – DYNAMICS FALL 2010 HOMEWORK-2 Assignment Date: 04.11.2010 Due Date: 11.11.2010, until 17:00 (Put your homework solutions in the box provided in front of the room B-175) Prepared by: Fulya Erol (office: B-175, phone: 5256) IMPORTANT NOTES: Please use one side of a white A4 paper while preparing your homework solutions. Please staple the papers at the top left corner. Neatness will be graded. Problem-1: The rod OA is held at the constant angle β = 30° while it rotates about the vertical with a constant angular rate . Simultaneously, the sliding ball P oscillates along the rod with its distance in millimeters from the fixed pivot O given by R = 200 + 50 sin 2πnt, where the frequency n of oscillation along the rod is a constant 2 cycles per second and where t is the time in seconds. Calculate the magnitude of the acceleration of P for an instant when its velocity along the rod from O toward A is a maximum.
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Problem-2: To increase his speed, the water skier A cuts across the wake of the boat B, which has a velocity of 60
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Unformatted text preview: km/h. At the instant when θ = 30°, the actual path of the skier makes an angle β = 50° with the tow rope. For this position determine the velocity of the skier and the value of . Problem-3: A freight elevator, including its load, has a mass of 500 kg. It is prevented from rotating by the track and wheels mounted along its sides. When t = 2 s, the motor M draws in the cable with a speed of 6 m/s, measured relative to the elevator. If it starts from rest, determine the constant acceleration of the elevator and the tension in the cable. Neglect the mass of the pulleys, motor and cables. Problem-4: The vehicle is designed to combine the feel of a motorcycle with the comfort and safety of an automobile. If the vehicle is traveling at a constant speed of 80 km/h along a circular curved road of radius 100 m, determine the tilt angle θ of the vehicle so that only a normal force from the seat acts on the driver. Neglect the size of the driver....
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me208f10hw2 - km/h At the instant when θ = 30° the actual...

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