Ana o3 ana o4 ana o5 ana o6 kn 05 mat o1 mat o2 mat

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Unformatted text preview: ANA-O5 ANA-O6 KN-05 MAT-O1 MAT-O2 MAT-O3 MAT-O4 MAT-O5 KN-06 IND-O1 IND-O2 IND-O3 IND-O4 IND-O5 Q&A LUNCH ORG-O1 ORG-O2 ORG-O3 ORG-O4 ORG-O5 ORG-O6 INO-O1 INO-O2 INO-O3 INO-O4 INO-O5 INO-O6 INO-O17 DAY 1 23/6/10 (WEDNESDAY) KN-09 ORG-O7 ORG-O8 ORG-O9 KN-24 INO-O7 INO-O8 INO-O9 INO-O18 KN-10 ANA-O7 ANA-O8 ANA-O9 ANA-O10 Q&A REFRESHMENTS KN-11 KN-12 KN-13 REFRESHMENTS KN-14 KN-15 ENV-O11 ENV-O12 ENV-O13 ENV-O14 ENV-O15 POSTER 3 (1130-1230) PENANG FOYER KN-16 MAT-O11 MAT-O12 MAT-O13 KN-17 ANA-O11 ANA-O12 ANA-O13 DAY 2 24/6/10 (THURSDAY) ORG-O10 ORG-O11 ORG-O12 ORG-O13 ORG-O14 Q&A LUNCH KN-19 ORG-O15 ORG-O16 ORG-O17 ORG-O18 Q&A REFRESHMENTS KN-21 NAT-O1 NAT-O2 NAT-O3 NAT-O4 NAT-O5 POLY-O1 POLY-O2 POLY-O3 POLY-O4 POLY-O5 NAT-O6 NAT-O7 NAT-O8 NAT-O9 NAT-O10 KN-18 ANA-O14 ANA-O15 ANA-O16 ANA-O17 ENV-O16 ENV-O17 ENV-O18 ENV-019 ENV-O20 MAT-O14 MAT-O15 MAT-O16 MAT-O17 MAT-O18 ENV-O21 ENV-O22 ENV-O23 ENV-O24 ENV-O25 KN-20 INO-O11 INO-O12 INO-O13 IND-O8 IND-O9 IND-O10 Q&A PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION DINNER (PENANG BALLROOM) REFRESHMENTS POLY-11 POLY-O12 POLY-O13 POLY-O14 POLY-O15 ANA-O18 ANA-O19 ANA-O20 ANA-O21 PLENARY KN-22 ANA-O22 ANA-O23 ANA-O24 KN-23 NAT-O11 ORG-O23 ORG-O24 MAT-O19 MAT-O20 MAT-O21 MAT-O22 MAT-O23 KN-25 ENV-O26 ENV-O27 ENV-O28 ENV-029 ENV-O30 POLY-O16 POLY-O17 POLY-O18 POLY-O19 POLY-O20 DAY 3 25/6/10 (FRIDAY) INO-O14 INO-O15 INO-O16 Q&A POSTER AWARD AND CLOSING CEREMONY ANA: ANALYTICAL ENV: ENVIRONMENTAL IND: INDUSTRIAL INO: INORGANIC MAT: MATERIAL NAT: NATURAL PRODUCT ORG: ORGANIC OTH: OTHERS POLY: POLYMER PHY: PHYSICAL 2 POSTER 2 (1500-1600) PENANG FOYER KN-07 KN-08 ENV-O6 ENV-O7 ENV-O8 ENV-O9 ENV-O10 IND-O6 IND-O7 OTH-O1 OTH-O2 OTH-O3 OTH-O4 MAT-O6 MAT-O7 MAT-O8 MAT-O9 MAT-O10 3rd ICYC 2010 Universiti Sains Malaysia 23rd-25th June 2010 CONFERENCE SCHEDULE DAY 1: 23rd June 2010/WEDNESDAY TIME 0800-0830 0830-0900 0900-1030 1030-1045 1045-1300 1300-1400 1400-1500 1505-1705 1705-1730 PROGRAM Registration Opening Ceremony Keynote Session 1 Refreshments Oral Presentation Session 1/ Poster Session 1 Lunch Keynote Session 2 Oral Presentation Session 2/ Poster Session 2 Refreshments DAY 2: 24th June 2010/THURSDAY TIME 0830-1000 1000-1015 1015-1120 1120-1305 1305-1400 1400-1150 1550-1600 1600-1745 1745-1800 2000-2300 PROGRAM Keynote Session 3 Refreshments Keynote Session 4 Oral Presentation Session 3/ Poster Session 3 Lunch Oral Presentation Session 4 Refreshments Oral Presentation Session 5 Photography Session Dinner DAY 3: 25th...
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