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Unformatted text preview: Sains Malaysia ORG-O8 23rd-25th June 2010 SELF-ASSEMBLY OF CONICAL DENDRONS INTO SUPRAMOLECULAR HOLLOW SPHERES Mohammad Raziq Al Imam Department of Chemistry, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM), Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia E-mail: [email protected] Amphiphilic conical dendrons that adopt the shape of a sphere fragment self -assemble into hollow spherical supramolecular dendrimers which self-organize into Pm3n cubic lattices. The discovery of the first hollow spherical supramolecular dendrimer was made by the rep lacement of the tapered dendron from dendritic dipeptide that self-assemble into helical pores, with its constitutional isomeric conical dendron. This strategy generated a conical dendritic dipeptide that self -assembles into a hollow spherical supramolecular dendrimer. Other examples of hollow spheres were assembled from conical dendrons without a dipeptide at their apex. These are conical dendrons originated from tapered dendrons containing additional benzyl ether groups at their apex. The structural and r etrostructural analysis of the hollow spherical supramolecular dendrimers were accomplished by a combination of X ray diffraction (XRD), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), electron density map and molecular modeling experiments. The functionalization of the apex of the conical dendrons with diethylene glycol receptor allowed the encapsulation of small guest molecules in the core of the hollow sphere. These experiments showed that the hollow spheres function as supramolecular dendritic capsules and therefore, are expected to display functions that are complementary to other related molecular and supramolecular structures. ORG-O9 ANTIBACTERIAL ACTIVITIES OF SYNTHETIC JUGLONE DERIVATIVES 1 Daniel Teoh Chuan Tan , Hasnah Osman and Suriyati Mohamad 1 2 1 2 School of Chemical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia School of Biological Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia E-mail: teohc...
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