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Unformatted text preview: at affects zinc availability for plant uptake which could be possibly facilitate effective reduction of water input. Two field experiments were conducted on adjacent sites in San Francisco, Pila, Laguna to compare the effect of the safe alternate wetting and drying (AWD -10Kpa) and continuous flooding (CF) water regimes during fallo w on zinc availability for rice, to determine if Zn application to seedling nursery is sufficient to minimize Zn deficiency in the rice grain and optimize Zn sulfate fertilization to increase grain Zn concentration. Experiment 1 has 4 replicates laid out o n a randomized complete block design (RCBD) with water regime as main plot factor and 8 Zn MxZnN as combination sub plot factor. Experiment 2 is also RCBD with 4 replicates with 4 Zn levels x 2 Zn timing under CF. Results showed that the zinc content in b rown rice with AWD is significantly higher than with CF. Zn fertilizer added to the main plot did not generate significant effect on grain Zn unless the rate is more than 5 kg/ha. Any addition of Zn fertilizer in seedling nursery had no effect to minimiz e Zn in rice grains. Safe AWD maintained longer aerobic condition throughout season therefore, soil Zn remained more available to the plant and higher grain Zn was achieved. Experiment 2, showed that varying zinc timing and zinc levels did not affect grain Zn in brown rice due to CF, therefore, anaerobic conditions throughout the season which consequently resulted to lower soil Zn availability and grain Zn. ENV-P22 PREDICTING HENRY’S LAW CONSTANTS FOR SOME ORGANIC COMPOUNDS BY MLR - AND ANN-BASED QSPR MODELS USING CONNECTIVITY INDICES 2 Jennifer C. Sy, Dana Grace B. Rutilla, Alex A. Tardaguila and Eric R. Punzalan 2 2 1 1 Department of Physical Science, Pamantasan ng Lungs od ng Maynila, Gen. Luna St., Intramuros 1002, Manila, Philippines 2 Department of Chemistry, De La Salle University, 2401 Taft Ave., Malate1004, Manila, Philippines E-mail: [email protected] The Henry’s law constant, kH, is defined as the ratio of a partial pressure p a in...
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