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Unformatted text preview: y. Among the three extraction procedures, stirring showed the superior efficiency in terms of yield of extracts, antioxidant potential than shaking and soaking. On the basis of present investigation, rice bran ext racts were found to serve as a potential source of natural antioxidants due to their marked antioxidant activity. 72 3rd ICYC 2010 Universiti Sains Malaysia ANA-O19 23rd-25th June 2010 EVALUATION OF ANTIOXIDANT AND LIPASE INHIBITOR ACTIVITY FROM VARIOUS LOCATION OF SAPPAN WOOD ON JAVA ISLAND 1,2 Irmanida Batubara, 1,2 Mohamad Rafi, M. Agung Zaim, Siti Sa’diah, Susi Indariani and Tohru Mitsunaga 2 2 2 3 Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Bogor Agricultural University, Darmaga, Bogor 16880, Indonesia 2 Biopharmaca Research Center, Bogor Agricultural University, Taman Kencana, Bogor 16144, Indonesia 3 Department of Applied Biological Science, Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences, Gifu University, 1 -1 Yanagido, Gifu 501-1193, Japan E-mail: [email protected] The aim of this research is to measure the antioxidative and lipase inhibition effect s in the Caesalpinia sappan wood from various locations in Java Island, Indonesia. All samples were extracted with ethanol 50 % in aqueous. The results showed that most active sample as antioxid ant was Sappan wood from Karang Anyar (Central Java) with IC50 value around 6.60 μg/mL. Moreover, sappan wood collected from Semarang (Central Java) was the most potent sample for Propionibacnerium acnes lipase inhibitor with IC50 value around 50.76 μg/mL. The activities were compared with brazilin content of each extracts. Brazilin was determined with HPLC, and the results showed that brazilin content in ethanolic extracts of C. sappan wood was in the range of 5.81 to 24.85 mg/g on dry-weight basis. 1 ANA-O20 THE USE OF OXALIC ACID FROM SPINACH FOR IMPROVING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF Hg(II) PHOTOREDUCTION Suherman, L Kartika, NH Aprilita and ET Wahyuni Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural...
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