The structures of all the compounds were confirmed by

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Unformatted text preview: INE Aisha Khzam, Abdussalam Salhin and Sulaiman Ab Ghani School of Chemical Science, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia E-mail: [email protected] The acenaphthoquinone 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazone, C18H10N4O5, compound, has been synthesized by the condensation of acenaphthylene-1,2-dione with an acidified solution of 2,4 -dinitrophenylhydrazine in ethanol. The molecular structure of the ligand was confirmed by CHN, FTIR and HNMR spectroscopy. + + + + + 2+ 2+ 2+ The complexation ability of the ligand towards metal ions such as Li , Na , K , Rb , Cs , Mg , Ca , Sr , 2+ 2+ 3+ 2+ 2+ 2+ + 2+ + 2+ 2+ 2+ Ba , Mn , Fe , Co , Ni Cu , Cu , Zn , Ag , Cd , Hg and Pb has been studied by using UV-Vis spectroscopy. The experimental parameters that affect the complexation of the ligand with metal ions, such as effect of solvent, ligand and metal ion concentration were investigated. The results showed that 3+ 2+ 2+ 2+ + 2+ + 2+ the ligand is preferentially to bind with transition metal ions (Fe ,Co , Ni Cu , Cu , Zn , Ag , Cd , 2+ 2+ Hg and Pb ) in DMSO. The addition of these metal ions to the ligand in DMSO shows different absorption (max) and a change in colour could be observed with naked eye. ORG-O23 SYNTHESIS OF SUGAR-CHALCONES DERIVATIVES VIA FERRIER REARRANGEMENT D.H. Abang Kamaluddin and Z. Ngaini Department of Chemistry, Fac ulty of Resource Science and Technology, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, 94300 Kota Samarahan, Sarawak, Malaysia E-mail: [email protected] Preparation of C-glucoside via incorporation of glucose with alcohol has been widely reported. The reaction is commonly involved Ferrier rearrangement. A large number of chalcone has been studied in recent decades mainly due to its numerous biological activities and also liquid crystal properties. In this study, the incorporation of a series of hydroxychalcones onto 3,4,6-tri-O-acetyl-D-glucal was performed in the presence of BF3.OEt2 as a catalyst. The series of (E)-3-(4-alkyloxyphenyl)-1-(4-hydroxyphenyl)prop-2-en-1-one bearing C7, C8, C9 and C10 side chains were synthesized via Claisen-Schmidt 1 13...
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