Populnea seeds was transmethylated under basic

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Unformatted text preview: of the biodiesel produced revealed the presence of mainly four fatty acid methyl esters: linoleic acid (40.5 %), oleic acid (27.8 %), palmitic acid (25.7 %) and stearic acid (4.95 %). A small amount of 2-hexyl cyclopropaneoctanoic acid and arachadic acid with contribution 0.54 and 0.50 % respectively was also 1 examined. The H-NMR spectrum of TPMEs was also recorded for authentification purposes. The fuel quality characteristics of TPMEs which included density, kinematic viscosity, cetane number, flash -, cloud-, pour-, and cold filter plugging- points, sulfur and water contents and acid value compared well with ASTM D 6751 and EN 14214 specifications, where applicable. These properties of the tested biodiesel were also found to be rather comparable with those of biodiesel derived from conventional oilseed crops suggesting its utilization as an acceptable substitute for petro -diesel. ANA-O8 CAPACITIVELY COUPLED CONTACTLESS CONDUCTIVITY AS HIGH PERFORMANCE LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHIC DETECTOR Ahmad Makahleh, *Bahruddin Saad and Hasnah Osman School of Chemical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia E-mail: bahrud@usm.my Capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detection (C D) in the axial electrode configuration was introduced in 1998 as a quantification method for capillary electrophoresis. Its universality allows the detection of small inorganic ions as well as organic and biochemical species. Due to its robustness, minimal maintenance demands and low cost, the popularity of this detector has been steadily growing. Applications have recently been extended to other analytical methods such as ion chromatography, high-performance liquid chromatography and flow-injection analysis. The main objective of this presentation is to provide an up-date on this fascinating technology. It will also focus on the working principles and selected applications in HPLC. Research activities within our group for the determination of fatty acids, betulinic acid, and sodium glutamate will be demonstrated. 4 67 23rd-25th June 2010 3rd ICYC 2010 Universiti Sains Malaysia ANA...
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