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Cwmmt Cmmments” EUGENE GARFIELD INSTITUTE FOR SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION- 3W1 MARKET ST., PHILADELPHIA, PA 19104 ~~W Cornpowds and Are As Ciose As Your PC with the index Chewsicus and Current Chemical Reactions Personal Number 9 Over the past decade I have described microcomputer software systems, such as Sci-Mare~, that have salved the problems of managing the storage and retrieval of bib- liographic or clinical case histories in a per- sonal database. 1.2 Whether it is reprint files, laboratory notebook entries, or other texts that need to be stored, they are per- sonal in that you the user created the infor- mation or obtained the datrs from existing such as SciSearch@ or Medline. While I have encouraged Cw-rent Cots- tentsa readers to jump on the pc band- wagon, I have cautioned that it could involve some culture shock. If that is true for the “simple” problem of storing and retriev- ing bibliographic or clinical records, imagi- ne the problems involved in graphically dis- playing and manipulating complex chemi- csd structures and reactions. Software systems have recently become available that solve these Mctdt problems. To take advantage of these sophisticated sys- tems, [email protected] devehped Iiuia C7temics4r@ (I@ ) and Curretu ReacrionsS (CCP ) Personal [email protected], a series of dis- kettes covering topics [email protected] teaching and research in both academic and industrial en- vironments. Derived from the extensive files contained in 1S1’shsakx Chemicus and Cur- rent CYseim”cal Reactions, these topical dat8- bases provide you with direct pc access to recently synthesized chemied compoda or new synthetic methods that have ‘beende- veloped in laboratories around the world. In addition, you can manipulate the infor- mation in our databases to mest your indi- vidual information needa. lC Personal Databases are searchable by two chemical database management sys- March 2, 1!387 terns, Molecular Design Limited’s Chem- Base and Scott Gould’s C7semSnwrt,while CCR Personal Databases are readable on- ly with ChemBase. The choice of sotlware systems is dependent upon your needs. C7semBasehas more industrial applications,
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v10p059y1987 - Essays of an Information Scientist Vol:10...

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