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Capstone checkpoint hca250 - Capstone Checkpoint The...

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Capstone Checkpoint The importance of incorporating psychology methods into the delivery of healthcare plays a significant role in the well-being of all those in need. Concentrating on the delivery of care that is focused on both addressing the recognizable and not so recognizable issues from the psychological perspective is a way to enhance a patient’s outlook and adherence to one’s treatment plan. Illnesses not only affect ones physical being, but one’s emotional being making the incorporation of this type of treatment important for the recovery and success of the patient. In incorporating psychological concepts into the healthcare setting, one concept that needs to be supported is that of psychological treatments. When an individual is suffering from chronic pain, one’s outlook on life, and the thoughts of one’s treatment methods change causing in some cases an on-set of emotional and social consequences to occur. The incorporation of methods such as that of cognitive therapy can provide the individual in need a way to manage ones problems, and
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Capstone checkpoint hca250 - Capstone Checkpoint The...

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