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Age of consent articles - Cynth Answers: Dear Reader, We...

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Unformatted text preview: Cynth Answers: Dear Reader, We have received so many questions about statutory rape, that Mr. Sensitive asked me to research it and give you the clearest answers possible. Now, I'm not a lawyer; I'm a web wonk. Please do NOT use this page as legal advice. Here are some of the questions that we received, and their answers. ~Webmistress Cynth~ PS: The follow-up to this article addresses age gap issues. If you have a question on the strictly legal aspects of underage sex, ask the folks at Dear Panel, I am a little confused by all the legal text concerning statuatory rape, and am curious as to the "layman's terms" concerning what age is legal for a 21 year old to have consensual sexual activities with. – Dorrin male, 21 Cynth Answers: I don't blame you for being confused! Statutory rape laws are very different around the world. General Definition of Statutory Rape Generally, when someone of or over the age of consent has sex with someone below the age of consent, it is considered statutory rape. In other words, if you are over the age of consent and you have sex with a girl who is under the age of consent, even though she willingly has sex with you, you are guilty of statutory rape. Since you are 21, you would be at or over the age of consent almost anywhere in the world. So it would be considered statutory rape if you had sex with someone younger than the age of consent. Age of Consent Varies I disagree that the age should vary. The age of consent, however, varies from location to location. So, for example, in Austria, as long as the girl is at least 14 years old, you're OK. But in Wisconsin, she would have to be at least 18. To find out the age of consent where you are, check,* which claims to keep the most up-to-date information on ages of consent around the world. *(Love & Learn is not responsible for and does not endorse their advertisers.) Dear Panel, If I am 16 and my boyfriend is 19, is it illegal for us to have a sexual relationship?- Luckystars female, 16, USA Cynth Answers: In many States it would be considered illegal if you are under the age of consent, and he is of or older than the age of consent. To find out whether it is statutory rape in your state check:'s Guide to Age of Consent in North America. Dear Panel, If a guy is 17 and he has a girlfriend that is 15 and they have had sexual intercourse, is that considered rape?- Rev Rico male, 17 Cynth Answers: If the guy forced her to have sex against her will, that would definitely be rape. If the girl was willing, it might be considered statutory rape, depending on where they are. If the age of consent in their location is 16, for example, it would be statutory rape. Dear Panel, I'm confused about what exactly statutory rape is....
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Age of consent articles - Cynth Answers: Dear Reader, We...

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