Age of Consent - Age of Consent Inform class about the 4...

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Age of Consent Inform class about the 4 theories in ethics; ethics has taught us that nothing is completely subjective nor completely objective *The State Vs. the Parents *Why does it have to be different in different states? *The last thing which is taken into consideration is individual + individual situation Monday April 21 2008 Age of consent in Russia was 18 for a while (even in Soviet Union) Most states have 16 or 18 as the age of consent In United Arab Emirates the girl has to be married DEFENSES *similarity in age *no knowledge that the person was underage *the couple is married in another state or country Pedophilia: It's pedophilia when it is younger than puberty or about 13 or 14 Is it less bad if the younger person initiated, even if it's bad, or is it the exactly same. What if you are attracted to one particular prepubescent person, rather than preferring young people in general? Is it pedophilia? What if the law is different elsewhere- then are you magically cured of pedophilia by moving to a different country?? AGE OF CONSENT BY ETHICAL PHILOSOPHY TYPE Subjectivism- everything you do is okay if it is what you want Utilitarianism- if the couple's happiness is going to satisfy more people than locking one partner in jail, than there would be no age of consent laws Different cultures- it is all in how you were raised that determines how mature you are at a certain age Categorical Imperative- would you wish the act on someone else? Who knows. Famous people who have been convicted or accused of statutory rape: Roman Polanski DIFFERENT PERSONALITY/IDEOLOGY TYPES
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The Concerned Mother-stereotypes by age, worries about children having sex, The Liberator- Michel Foucault, individualist, logical, philosophical Enlightenment type of person,
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Age of Consent - Age of Consent Inform class about the 4...

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