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Ethics Journal Revised

Ethics Journal Revised - Ethics Journal 12:48PM So many...

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Ethics Journal January 24, 2008- 12:48PM So many criminal justice majors here- I hope our justice system becomes better after classes like these are required for participation… We talked about everyday ethical problems, such as relationships and such. Even though they may not seem important, like war and peace problems seem, I think it was good for sharpening reasoning skills. I didn’t really learn too too much of anything new because it was mostly just beginning stuff, but the 3 rules (gather information, use logical reason, and don’t be partial) were good to write down. I am going to like this class because it is different. January 28, 2008 Today we talked about moral relativism or subjectivism. It is very interesting and makes you think about things. We are brought up with the idea not only that morality is objective, but that the morality that our relatives and traditions accept is the only right one. In that sense, moral subjectivity is kind of refreshing. However, studying subjectivity can’t be taken too far because it would be impossible to learn about any actual ethical theories. Just a thought- is it impossible for someone to consider moral subjectivity the “best” theory, because if it was really subjective, then it wouldn’t matter what you did, no matter what. January 31, 2008 Wow. Everybody agrees with doctor patient confidentiality. Not one dissenter. The actual verdict in the movie was not guilty (for the doctor). I thought that there wasn’t enough proof that the guy actually had the disease. February 4, 2008 Grade Inflation: seems like kind of a dry subject, like it would be better as a question in logic class at first, but when we talked about motivation and the mission it seemed to cross the line into ethical. Even if it is a more mathematical topic, it helps you to see other sides of the issue and weigh benefits vs. risks. February 7, 2008 We talked about how people’s religious views color their opinions and judgments on things. I guess some people who aren’t religious may not have those specific prejudices though. But lots of people are still very religious nowadays. I don't know if it is a good or bad thing though. February 11, 2008 We watched Coach Carter in class today…. .not sure what this has to do with ethics yet, buuut…….funny! Coach Carter ethical dilemmas:
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1. Abortion: Kenyan and his girlfriend get pregnant and didn’t know whether to keep the baby or not. 2. They became pregnant in high school accidentally. 3. His girlfriend will probably be most affected by the outcome. 4. Having the baby or not. 5. Keep it- you can’t get it back if you don’t. February 21, 2008 Cultural Relativism- different cultures have different moral codes; it claims that there is no such thing as an objective standard that can be used to judge different societies. The moral code of our own society has no special status. It is just one code among the world’s many. Some cultures feel superiority over other cultures. There are no moral truths for all people at all times. Times could
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Ethics Journal Revised - Ethics Journal 12:48PM So many...

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