odds and ends age of consent

odds and ends age of consent - Age of Consent odds and ends...

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Age of Consent odds and ends DEFINITIONS Logical- More fact-orientated; usually likes to look at the individual situation; employs empirical evidence rather than a generalized idea of how the world is; mathmatical rather than touchy feely, and tends to take into consideration all the circumstances Usually things such as "Well, theoretically you never know for sure, just based on the person's age. Could you let me get to know the individual before I make a statement?" are said. Superstitious/Religious- Less fact-orientated; usually ideas are based upon always held notions; non- empirical, doesn't operate with respect to the situation- despite its name, it doesn't really mean the person is afraid of black cats and such- I just couldn't think of a better title. Note that one could be 'superstitious' whether or not they support age of consent laws- this is just a determination of what kind of logic (if any) they employ to reach their conclusion. Quotes from this viewpoint include "I don't need to know who the girl is. All I know is that no 15 year old could possibly consent to sex with a 30 year old." "Who cares how old the couple is or who they are? If they are having sex, they must be happy so it can't possibly be bad." Ethnic- tends to hold ideas based upon one's own ethnicity and traditions and culture, and usually doesn't tend to buy into a lot of the modernist or "scientific" rationales (this doesn't mean, however, that the category "scientific/psychological" is truly rational and logical either) Typical things you may hear from this viewpoint- "I don't see why all the politicians in this country think that you have to wait until you are 18 to have sex- back in our mother land we got married at 15 and we made use of our lives!" "No! The Catholic Girls' Guide tells you to stay away from sex until you are older and married!" (from my grandma) Modern/Worldly- opposite of ethnic; this is based less on cultural or ethnic or religious reasons for opposing interage sex than on modern and "globalistic" reasons- f.e. someone who believes interage sex is wrong because modern science and pschology says it is; these people tend to hold the conviction that cultural relativity does not apply and believe that countries that allow certain sex practices are damaging
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odds and ends age of consent - Age of Consent odds and ends...

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