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Arslan Arshad 2007-Chem-54 Skills Inventory : Communication: 31 The skillful expression, transmission and interpretation of knowledge and ideas Human Relations: 27 The use of interpersonal skills for resolving conflict, relating to and helping people : 30 The ability to supervise, direct and guide individuals and groups in the completion of tasks and fulfillment of goals : 32 The search for specific knowledge and the ability to conceptualize future needs and solutions for meeting those needs Work Survival : 33 The day-to-day skills which assist in promoting effective production and work
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Unformatted text preview: satisfaction Personal Style Skills: Extroversion: 7 Introversion: 1 Sensing: 6 Intuitive: 2 Thinking: 8 Feeling: 0 Judging: 3 Perceiving: 5 Your Type: ESTP Good at on-the-spot problem solving. Do not worry, enjoy whatever comes along. Tend to like mechanical things and sports, with friends on the side. Adaptable, tolerant and generally conservative in values. Dislike long explanations. Are best with real things that can be worked, handled, taken apart, or put together....
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