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Com 102 Exam 2 SOCIAL CAPITAL 1. Theory of self-interest- more about who knows who a. Describes how people use social capital to their own benefit 2. Social Networks : structures of links or ties created by comm. among individuals and groups, self in the middle with everyone you talk to connected by invisible strings which are the links/ties a. Size: # of people in the network (# of fbook friends) b. Strength: how often you communicate with them, extent of comm., not hoe close the actual relationship is c. Density:# of interconnections between all the people I talk to 3. Social Capital : actual/potential resources because of your position (something you get from someone because you know them, example is dinner from husband or a friend publishing your work in their journal) a. Information i. Access : who has the access to the best info ii. Timing : when you get the info iii. Referrals : help out b referring 4. Control : position may allow you to influence others 5. Relationships between network structure and information a. Greater size= more info, more timely, more diverse b. Theory or strength of weak ties: people you don’t talk to know more info outside of your own circle (people you always hang out with know the same parties, internships) 6. TSC research exemplar: people found jobs through weak ties 83% of the time
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7. Structural holes : places of unconnectedness a. Related to work density… less dense=more holes (may mean flexibility/ independence) b. Brokers can create links across holes (benefit from and control the exchange) 8. Critique: negative… poor explanation of data, BUT practical utility ORGANIZATIONAL ASSIMILATION THEORY
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Com 102 exam 2 review guide - Com 102 Exam 2 SOCIAL CAPITAL...

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