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A5 Paragraph and Thesis

A5 Paragraph and Thesis - organs of the human body Although...

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Although people recognize that society is imperfect, we move closer to an ideal society at a slow rate because society, as a whole, is reluctant to change. This disinclination is created by individual people’s unwillingness to step out of the norm because of the perceived consequences. American society perceives marijuana as a destructive substance when, in fact, other legal drugs, such as alcohol and tobacco, are more harmful to the human body. Consumption of alcohol can cause brain and liver damage. Smoking or chewing tobacco can bring about cancerous tumors in different
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Unformatted text preview: organs of the human body. Although these legal substances present more danger to the health and well being of their users than marijuana does, marijuana remains illegal. Each year, the movement to legalize marijuana greatens in size. However, it greatens very slowly, therefore showing society’s reluctance to change. Although people are presented with hard facts about issues, they tend to follow the norm to reduce their chances of standing out. The problem with being this conservative is that it negates the importance of being able to formulate one’s own ideas....
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