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Corcoran James Corcoran 11/14/10 St . Colon Research Paper Game Pitch: Robofighter Introduction: Alan Miller, a programmer at Atari, broke off from Atari to create Activision in 1980 with three main programmers . A couple of months after Activision was established, they manufactured several games . As they were about to release their games to the public, Atari sued Activision, claiming, “Activision had no right to create games for its hardware” (Kent, 193) . Activision was eventually able to sell their games in 1982 after the lawsuits stopped . The Atari VCS, or the Atari 2600, had a few technical limitations, especially when compared to its more technologically advanced competitor, Intellivision . “Intellivion had a newer and more powerful CPU than VCS, slightly more memory, and player better-looking games . Intellivision games tended to have more detailed graphics” (Kent, 195) . The controllers on the VCS were paddles and a joystick, which made them very limited . However, despite technological disadvantages, Intellivision was no contest for Atari compared to Activision . Activision and Atari were essentially the only two companies that manufactured games for the VCS, thus they competed intensely . All of this market “action” took place during a 1
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Corcoran time of economic prosperity for games . Both arcade and home video games flourished in the late 1970s and early 1980s . Robofighter introduces a new genre of gaming during a time of prosperity for the video game industry, while fitting the technological limitations of the Atari VCS . Summary : Robofighter is a two-dimensional fighting game where the battles consist of two robotic cyborgs fighting each other . Players can move using the joystick and attack using the A and select buttons . Robofighter takes place in a futuristic society where people have been replaced by intelligent robots .
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