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Games Midterm 2 Part 1

Games Midterm 2 Part 1 - 1 James Corcoran CSCI 180 St John...

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James Corcoran CSCI 180 St. John Colon 11/1/10 Rise of Video Game Industry There were many influences on the video game industry before electronic games were even released. The list of pre-digital influences includes games such as field games and board games. The oldest known board game is Egyptian Senet, which was created around 3500 B.C. Board games are often characterized by strategy, defined rules, turn based systems, and multiple competitors. Board games influenced video games through resource management, negative feedback, and positive feedback. Board games, such as chess or checkers, teach players that the most aggressive strategy is not always the best strategy, and sometimes it is just good to be conservative. They give players positive and negative feedback when the player makes a mistake or outplays his opponent. A more extreme form of feedback is giving when the player loses or wins the game. These important concepts were later integrated into video games. Card games are another form of entertainment that influenced the way video games are made. There 1
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are two types of card games: classic and trading card. Classic card games teach the player about resources, bluffing, betting, memorization, and teaching the player to learn how other players use these techniques. Trading card games, like board
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