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James Corcoran Paul Blomeyer WRIT 140; Section 64320 10/3/10 Essay #2 The Ethics of Lady Gaga: A Better Society Throughout Lady Gaga’s career, critics such as Schumacher have condemned her for doing anything she can to gain more publicity and fame . They assert that she portrays immoral images and performs promiscuous actions simply so that everybody will hear about her . To say the least, these critics are misguided. Lady Gaga knows exactly what she is doing . She presents insightful views on controversial issues and sheds light on important topics hidden in society . The messages conveyed through Lady Gaga’s actions and portrayal of meaningful images help create a more liberated, and thus more ethical society . Through a surplus of product placement in her music video “Telephone”, Lady Gaga mocks consumerism in American culture . She places many images of people overindulging themselves various products such as Diet Coke and Polaroid . Through this placement, Lady Gaga indirectly states that every American is, not only using, but also constantly relying different products for their daily needs . Consumerism creates a materialistic society, which consists of superficial people who are only worried about making money . If people are only worried about making money, they can never be truly happy and are not living the Good Life . One could argue that Lady Gaga is just using the products because she is getting paid to place them in her video . However, this person 1
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would be mistaken . Lady Gaga is showing that she can fulfill the requirements of her job without forfeiting her artistic integrity . In the music video, Lady Gaga feeds all of the people in the diner poisonous Wonder Bread and Miracle Whip to show how people’s indulgence in material goods have poisoned their lifestyles . Although it may seem like Lady Gaga is approving of materialism in “Telephone”, she is actually taking a stance opposite of those who pay for her videos . Gaga clearly shows her position on materialism and is not afraid to lose a sponsorship along the way .
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Lady Gaga Paper - James Corcoran Paul Blomeyer WRIT 140...

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