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Lady Gaga Paragraph 1 James Corcoran

Lady Gaga Paragraph 1 James Corcoran - controlled she...

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James Corcoran Lady Gaga develops artistically genuine ideas through her many of her songs, especially “Telephone”. Although Kyle Koster believes that Lady Gaga’s music has no “artistic ingenuity”, her songs actually have deep meaning that is sometimes hard to see due to her bizarre and eccentric style. Her music video “Telephone” is often the first that is criticized. Many critics fail to realize Telephone’s deep message involving mind control. The telephone in the music video is Lady Gaga’s brain, and her mind is being
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Unformatted text preview: controlled, she cannot pick up the “telephone”. Through this video, Lady Gaga alludes that the media is trying to control the public’s mind and opinion. Kyle Koster says that Lady Gaga pleases “ those looking to get lost in mindless lyrics and kinetic sex”. However, I would argue that Lady Gaga is exactly the opposite of what Kyle Koster believes she is. Lady Gaga’s deep lyrics show that there is a method behind her madness, we just have to use a little effort to find her meanings....
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